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The Center for Program and Policy Evaluation (CPPE) has been established in 2004 by expert's team in order to promote and to apply the progressive methods of performance evaluation, results and outcomes evaluation of the public policies and measures implementation, and regulatory impact assessment.
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The annual Conference of the Russian Association of Specialists in Program and Policy Evaluation (ASPPE) will take place on October 16-17, 2019 in Moscow.

XXI INCOSAI will be held from September 23 to September 29, 2019.

2. RIA
- V. Kolegov "Prospects for dissemination of RIA in regions", 2008. See in Russian (pdf, 1.49 Mb.)
- D. Tsygankov "RIA in Post-soviet Perspective. Experience of the Russian Federation" // Conference report, Tashkent, 2008. See in Russian (ppt, 222 Kb.)
- D. Tsygankov "Swiss experience of program evaluation and RIA"// Conference report, Krasnodar, 2008. See in Russian (ppt, 176 Kb.)
- A. Belyaev, V. Marshakov "Review of the international experience in the sphere of implementation of evaluation for the analyses of regulative acts", 2005. See in Russian.
The article reviews the experience of OECD countries in the field of RIA.
- I. Kompasov "RIA in Germany", 2005. See in Russian.
The review analyzes approaches to RIA (Gesetzesfolgenabschaetzung) in Germany on both Land and Federal levels. The article contains broad bibliography.
- E. Kuznetsova "Evaluation of the Law "About Monetization of benefits", 2005. See in Russian.
The Law on benefits Monetization is reviewed in the policy-cycle context.
3. Evaluation of Governmental Programs and Priority National Projects
- D. Tsygankov "Russian policy cycle: lacks of evaluation approaches Moscow", 2006. See in Russian (pdf, 252 Kb.)
A model of evaluation dissemination in public administration in Russian is also discussed in the article.
- O. Vahromeev "Review of publications in the sphere of urban policy evaluation", 2006. See in Russian.
This Review covers some of modern publications about urban policy, including transport system.
- E. Kuznetsova "Evaluation in context of new model of administration: bases and empirical results of Switzerland federal administration reforms' evaluation", 2006. See in Russian.
Annotated review of the book Ritz, Adrian: Evaluation von New Public Management. Grundlagen und empirische Ergebnisse der Bewertung von Verwaltungsreformen in der schweizerischen Bundesverwaltung (Bern 2003), which is based on the exhaustive research in the sphere of Switzerland federal administration reforms' evaluation.
- E. Kuznetsova "Participation of Western Offices of Audit in the program and policy evaluation", 2005. See in Russian.
New forms of evaluation institutionalization become evident abroad last decades. In particular, current evaluation of public authority activities is delivering to executive and legislative agencies. The review of E.Kuznetsova is devoted to Accounts Chambers.
- D. Tsygankov, A. Belyaev "Reform's effectiveness evaluation: new technologies of government and sectoral policy optimization", 2004. See in Russian.
Today large-scale reforms are planned or implemented in most of the fields of RF. Such changes need the embedment of objective mechanism of effectiveness evaluation.
- E. Kuznetsova "Approaches of evaluation of higher education quality in Europe and USA", 2004. See in Russian.
Review made by E. Kuznetsova includes description of basic evaluation methods of higher education quality in modern Europe and USA.
4. Evaluation Standards and Methodology
- H. Wollmann "Politikevaluierung/ Evaluierungsforschung". See in German.
The article of Prof.H.Wollmann, University of Humboldt (Berlin) analyzes the key terms of political evaluation. For the first time the text was published in: Nohlen, Dieter (Hrsg.), Kleines Lexikon der Politik, Muenchen 2001, S. 380-383.
- H. Wollman "Evaluation in Public-sector reform: Toward a "third wave" of evaluation?" See in Russian (pdf, 376 Kb.)
The article analyses correlation between last 20 years public sector reforms in different countries and policy evaluation technologies, used for this reforms. For the first time the text was published in: Hellmut Wollmann (ed.) 2003, Evaluation in Public Sector Reform, Cheltenham/Northampton: Edgar Elgar, pp. 1-11.
- H. Wollman "Policy-knowledge and contractual research". See in English (doc, 52 Kb.)
The article is devoted to the phenomenon of contract research and its contribution to policy analyses and administration development. For the first time the text was published in: International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol. 5, 2003 (Elsevier), pp. 11574 - 11578
- H. Wollman "Public sector reform and evaluation. Approaches and practice in international perspective". See in English.
For the first time the text was published in: Hellmut Wollmann (ed.) 2003, Evaluation in Public Sector Reform. Concepts and Practice in International Perspective, Cheltenham/Northampton: Edward Elgar, pp. 231-258.
- M. Smirnova "The Chart for Evaluation of Public Policies and Programs"// Translation from French, 2006. See in Russian (pdf, 116 Kb.)
The translation of "The Chart for Evaluation of Public Policies and Programs" is published on the French Society for Evaluation site and it is the second Western standard translated into Russian after the one originating from The German Evaluation Society (DeGEVal - Evaluation Soceity).
- V. Shutilin "Empirical researches in the sphere of policy and administration: local, national and international perspectives", 2005. See in Russian.
Review of V. Shutilin includes the most important and interesting articles from the collection Empirische Policy- und Verwaltungsforschung. Lokale, nationale und internationale Perspektiven, Leske + Budrich: Opladen 2001 / Eckhard Schroeter (Hrsg.), which was published in 2001 and dated for the sixty-fifth anniversary of the Berlin Gumbold University professor H.Wollmann.
- A. Belyaev, E. Kuznetsova, M. Smirnova, D.Tsygankov Preprint WP8 "Government and municipal administration", 2005. See in Russian (pdf, 608 Kb.)
The preprint is devoted to the international expirience in the sphere of effectiveness measurement and evaluation in government administration.
5. Further education and professional development in the field of evaluation
- Master's program of programs, policies and regulatory impact evaluation. Concept in Russian (doc, 484 Kb.), basic curricula in English/ Russian (xls, 72 Kb.) , working curricula in Russian - 1 year (xls, 48 Kb.), 2 year (xls, 44 Kb.)
This educational product was developed through a national project "Education" for Higher School of Economics (Moscow), but implementation of Master's programme is postponed for the future;
D. Sobol, D. Tsygankov "Teaching RIA courses: international experience and Russian practice", 2008. See in Russian (doc, 76 Kb.)
As a first step for the development of teaching RIA in Russia article's authors suggest - in the introduction of a new generation of standards - making the relevant training courses in basic training plans for a destination / specialty "Law" and toward "Economy". Parallel development of curricula should prepare proposals for short-term retraining of public servants, both at the federal level and in the regions. Only joint efforts of economists, lawyers and sociologists are able to move the question of literacy teaching RIA in Russia into practice;
- E. Kuznetsova, D. Tsygankov, V.Shutilin "Review of Policy/Program Evaluation teaching abroad", 2006. See in Russian.
Every year the number of programs and courses related to evaluation is rapidly growing. At the moment there are the following directions of professional development in evaluation: (1) master programs; (2) PhD programs; (3) further education programs/retraining courses; (4) special courses in Bachelor and Master programs.
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