The Center for Program and Policy Evaluation
The Center for Program and Policy Evaluation (CPPE) has been established in 2004 by expert's team in order to promote and to apply the progressive methods of performance evaluation, results and outcomes evaluation of the public policies and measures implementation, and regulatory impact assessment.
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The annual Conference of the Russian Association of Specialists in Program and Policy Evaluation (ASPPE) will take place on October 16-17, 2019 in Moscow.

XXI INCOSAI will be held from September 23 to September 29, 2019.

In the field of Regulatory Impact Assessment & Competition Assessment:
  • Scientific Research Work «Elaboration guidelines and process organization of monitoring and evaluation of the competitive environment and key indicators of its changes», 2009, on commission from the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

  • Project «The introduction of Regulatory Impact Assessment tools in North Ossetia», 2008-2010, on commission from the World Bank.

  • Project "Financial-economic assessment of amendments into the Russian Tax Code (regarding a canceling of VAT-taxation of the registration and protection of intellectual property’s services)", 2008, on commission from the "Optima Invest holding" (sub-contractor).
  • In the field of Financial-economic assessment & performance budgeting:
  • Project "Financial-economic Assessment of Incorporation of Self-regulating Organization in Nonferrous Metals Industry of Mining and Metallurgical Integrated Works "Norilsky Nikel", 2008, on commission from the "Norilsky Nikel" (sub-contractor).

  • Project "Financial-economic Assessment of Administration Method Change of Means of Universal Service Reserve", 2008, on commission from the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Russian Federation (sub-contractor).

  • Project "Financial-economic Assessment for Standards of Organizations worked out in the field of Electric Power Industry", 2006-2008, on commission from the "RAO UES of Russia" (sub-contractor). Download the presentation in Russian "A promising approach to the Financial-economic Assessment of transition to a new system of standardization in the electricity" (ppt, 242 Kb.).

  • Scientific Research Work "Evaluation of Security Cost in Electric Power Industry during Implementation of Standards (Technical Regulation)", 2005, on commission from the Fund of Support of Regulatory Initiatives.

  • Download the informational brochure in English "Financial-economic Assessment in modern situation" (doc, 49 Kb.).
    In the field of RIT Evaluation:

  • Scientific Research Work "The analysis and impact assessment, development of scientific and methodical recommendations for improving the mechanisms for the implementation of programs "UMNIK" and "START", 2009, on commission from the Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in science and technology.

  • Project "Work out of Methodological Approaches for Performance Measurement of Stimulation Programs of Innovative Scientific Research and Design and Experimental Projects, Analysis of its Practicability and Pilot Approbation of Implementation of such Approaches", 2008, on commission from the Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in science and technology.
  • The most important projects and scientific research work where CPPE experts took part affiliated with other research teams:
    - On commission from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia
  • Project "Monitoring of the legislation implementation in the Russian Federation aimed at the impact evaluation of the measures targeting the reduction of administrative intervention in the economy on the promotion of entrepreneurship, including small businesses", 2005.
    Download Report contents (doc, 29 Kb.) Typology of the regions (doc, 216 Kb.) Key finding from survey (doc, 41 Kb.)

  • Project "Analysis of budgetary expenditures efficiency for informatization in the frames of federal, departmental and regional programs", 2003.

  • Project "Outcomes analysis and work-out of proposals on creation of support mechanisms for ICT-implementation projects in economics, social sphere, public administration on regional and municipal levels of power", 2003.

  • Project "Analysis of budgetary expenditures efficiency for ICT-implementation", 2002.

  • - On commission from the Federal Agency of Science and Innovation of Russia:
  • Project "Development of regulatory framework for efficiency evaluation of state scientific organizations performance conducting scientific research", 2007.

  • Project "Development of methodological recommendations on evaluation of scientific organizations in Russian Federation", 2006.

  • - On commission from the Ministry of Regional Affairs of Russia:
  • Scientific Research Work "Selection of optimal criteria for large-scale development projects as the basis for their successful realization", 2007.

  • - On commission from the organization "Transatlantic Partners Against AIDS":
  • Project "Preparation and implementation of regional educational course "Financing for actions against AIDS", 2008.
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